Shade Tree Commission

The Penn Hills CDC is proud to be supporters of and fiscal partners with the Penn Hills Shade Tree Commission – a group of volunteers who are working to make Penn Hills a more sustainable community through planting trees, environmental projects, educational programs and resident participation.

Trees give us much needed shade on a hot day, create oxygen for us to breathe and absorb atmospheric carbon. Trees absorb huge amounts of stormwater runoff, decreasing the amount of raw sewage that flows from our overloaded sewage system into the Allegheny River. In addition, trees increase our property values, attract residents and businesses to our community and have actually been shown to reduce crime by fostering safer, more sociable neighborhoods. 

The Penn Hills Shade Tree Commission welcome and rely on volunteers! If you want to help increase the tree canopy in Penn Hills and help our community become more environmentally sustainable, please contact us at

Or for more information, please contact:

Kathy Raborn